Century route riders start at one minute past Midnight on Saturday 15th October 2016. So you ride through the early hours of Sunday morning and into the dawn on Sunday the 16th. Three Quarter riders start an hour later at 01:00 AM.

The finish is open until 4.00 pm on Sunday afternoon. You have up to 16 hours to complete the ride.  As long as you can average six miles per hour, you’ll be fine.

Whilst we're talking about the finish, you'll get your picture taken with the Minions welcoming committe and get your Imperial Century or Three Quarters certificate sticker on your ride passport!
The St Crispin’s Day Night ride is a cycle ride through the night, either past some of London’s most iconic landmarks or through the sleepy moonlit suburbs and countryside to collect your personal bottle of unique wine from the new harvest at England’s leading vineyard.

We've changed the date to take advantage of the full moon at its Perigee. So we should have plenty of silvery light to see the countryside by. English autumn weather permitting of course.

If you've decided on the City route you'll see the Tower of London ablaze with lights and cycle over Tower Bridge, as well as lots of other amazing City sights.

On the way you'll find our cake stops and get a proper delicious meal at the wine collection venue just over halfway around. There's more cake on the way home to a welcome from our Minions
followed by a bacon butty or a full english if you prefer at the finish.

The ride back as the dawn rises is wonderful! You're likely to see deer in Bushey Park, A misty Thames and you'll experience just how beautiful an English autumn morning can be.

St Crispin’s Day night ride is a magical and heroic adventure in the making. See what past entrants have said here.

So will you join this crazy bunch of English Ladies and Gentlemen and their new electrifying friends, who ride through the night and share the adventure, the wine and the tale with their friends?

Cycle to work with no £1000 limit!
The Century
It’s 100 miles, a long way but it’s very do-able for the averagely fit rider.
There are no hills over 5%. Once you’ve done it you’ll have joined the elite band of cyclists who've ridden 100 miles  in one day and you’ll have a Century certificate to prove it!

We have modified the route for 2016. There are new sights in the City and it's a bit flatter on the way back, which we hope you'll appreciate in the last few miles to the finish.

The Three Quarters
The Three Quarters misses out the City part of the Century route so from the start at Chiswick you head west towards the vinyard. You'll start at 01:00 am on Sunday Morning and you'll join the main Century route at Richmond. You get the same cake and food stops as the riders on the Century route. Because we finish in Chiswick you won't have to cope with City cycling.
"And gentlemen in England, now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they did not ride with us upon St Crispin’s day…"




Henry V Shakespeare (Well nearly       )

To enter the 2016 event...
Click here.
We're supporting the HoneyPot charity again this year.
They support young carers. Children looking after adults who can't look after themselves.

You can see more about them here: www.honeypot.org.uk


If you'd like a new bike then the PROc2w scheme could help!
PROc2w works like a normal Cycle to Work scheme but there is no £1,000 limit. So you can have any bike you fancy. You can save up to 42% and your employer will save money too. Click the logo to find out more.

The Minions have been listening to your feedback and this year we’re making three major changes.

A change of date!
Normally we do the ride on the day the clocks go back. This year we’ve brought it forward two weeks to take advantage of the full moon at it's perigee (Closet point to the earth) Hopefully it will also be a little warmer.
The new date is Sunday 16th October 2016.

A choice of route!
If you don’t like the City part of the route you can now just do the country part. It’s about 25 miles shorter so if an Imperial Century is a bit much, go for the Three Quarters! If you like night cycling in the country but not the city this is for you.
The mug!
A cap is fine when you're cycling but a mug lets all your non-cycling friends know you've cycled a 100 miles and you did it overnight! How can they not be impressed?

So this year we have mugs with our logo and the legend:
"And gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they did not ride with us upon..."

Now you can relive the adventure every coffee break and tea time! Maybe don't overdo it though. Or you'll be taking solo coffee breaks.
E-bikes allowed!
This year were including e-bikes! Hang on you may say: What about the heroic endeavour, the camaraderie, the satisfaction of knowing you’ve cycled a 100 / 75 miles through the night powered only by your legs and the Chicken Cacciatore (or Ribolata if you’re vegetarian)?

Of course all that is still there. When you arrive at the finish you’ll still have the amazing mix of emotions: (Never again:( I’ve done it:) I’m exhausted:( I’m so proud of myself:) When do next year’s entries open? :( :))) And this year you get to share all of that with a whole emerging group of fellow cyclists who need a little bit of electric assistance to match your achievement. We want to welcome this exciting new development to our sport.

In case you haven’t tried one, an electric bike still has to be pedalled and only provides assistance up to 15mph so e-bike riders will have pedalled just as far and they will be at about their maximum range. So e-bike riders will have to be frugal with how much assistance they use. It’s not going to be a sit back and let the motor do all the work. Their achievement is just slightly different and as you know we love to be different!

Hire an e-bike!
We’ve also arranged for a small hire fleet of e-bikes to be available so if your friend or partner would like to do it with you but needs a little help. Now they can!